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Under The Hood

Visitors to this page usually care about the details.  So here they are;

  • Unlike an “App”, there is nothing to download or install. Our Online Ordering product is a lightning fast mini website that can function on any Internet capable device.  Your customers won’t be bothered by nagging notifications, updates and unwanted messages.  Once your customer knows your website address, they can order from home, office or smartphone with equal ease.
  • We let your customer window shop. Many Online Ordering services will not let visitors proceed without signing in or registering. We only collect pertinent customer information after a buying decision has been made.
  • Our system knows your customer’s device.  Your Online Ordering service will recognize returning customers without having them register or sign in. Your customers can easily re-send or add to their previous orders.
  • You can’t manage what you don’t know.  Our service produces a number of standard sales reports.  Custom reports and special inquiries into Online transactions are easily made.